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Bad Meets Evil - Raw (version 2)

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I'm deep frost the rest of ya'll just one of the
Im becoming what I used to make fun of a
Smug son of a bitch, fuck it though
Going for the fucking jugular
Leave them in a puddle of blood Imma
Kill a bunch of em, cut up all the others
Bloody glove in a prison yard, dirty Arias
Im coming for you, fuck if the world doesnt approve
Here I come as a custodian I'm dressed, to smuggle ya
Ass out wrapped up in a comforter come snuggle up with a
Another fucking nut well make a tub of truffle butter
Imma take this chubby, Imma shove it up that nice round little bubble butt
Make it double stuffed
Pull it out one hole put it in the other one, make a peanut butter cup, bust(yea)
We can fuck on a golf cart tell me how you want it, soft, hard, or fucking rough
Like a dog bark, stop at a walmart, get a couple of 50 watt bulbs with a hot tub
Fill up them buns with a hot dog and be frank these other motherfuckers aint even in the ball park
Then she pulled out the condiment drawer
She must heard this is where the condoms get stored
Sign above the door to the sauna says welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah
Told her I got something for her, sharp and its pointed
And its heads on swole, hold it like a samurai
She said, Woah, look at that bulge, must have a huge ego
I said is it me youre aiming that compliment toward
She said yes my ninja, please get to stabbing this shit
I commenced to dropping them drawers
Threw my black belt and gauntlets all onto the floor
Zipped down my fly, whipped out my confident sword

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