Brennan Savage - Look at me now (good version)


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Description: Look at me now (good version)

I remember that time we were sippin on wine
I could see it in your eyes, you were feeling alive
Why tell you I was good, why the fck would I lie
I remember seeing twice baby I shouldnt drive
I should let you hold the keys baby take them inside
If you taking my advice, maybe then youll survive
Ive been looking at the sky all night and aint see sht
Thinking how you die, but you said I could be sht
Now Im on my grind baby look at me now, look at me now
All this cash on me make em wanna go down
I could fill your cup girl, I could make you slow down
I could show you up baby, i dont pour fo
Sippin all day baby what you waiting fo
If you need a drink I got drugs on me

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