Kevin Gates - Know Better (OST Suicide Squad)


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Description: Know Better (OST Suicide Squad)

Gettin it in, gotta win, we not kickin it
Bread winner team, we sick and we live with it
Whippin machines equipped with a fridge in it
We the connect, we not bout to mention it
We with the shit, no talkin, we finish it
Some say Im ignorant
Mecca, we touchin September, Im making my pilgrimage (Allahu Akbar)
Maybe Im different
Looked at you like you were special, you not even build for this
UFOs in the crush Gates
So when its up niggas goin nuts
Big shit tucked, toolie on clutch
Pockets on lump, free my nigga Lump
Goin out dumb
Engine on run
Thuggin in the slums
Thumbin through the huns
Separate the ones

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