Oddisee - Lifting shadows


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Description: Lifting shadows

Just one dollar below 10K, thats the amount Im flying with
One more buck and the law comes out and they all want to know about why Im rich
Im not rich Im just on the way back to the land where they need this grip
You give yours to a charity fund, I give mine to a cuz thats sick
All in the name - I got a name thatll scare all the brave in the land of the free
All in the name of protecting a country thats shooting its citizens dead in the streets
I used to live in Northeast D.C. not too far from Capitol Hill
Cant just let me be
Cant just let me live
Regardless my belief
I thought the fathers wrote it clear
But darkness all I see
And darkness all I hear
Im trying to lift the shadow but the cloud aint got no give

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