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Terms & conditions of use

Rules of conduct on the site

the following points are unquestioningly fulfilled by all users of the site The administration, as the person who makes up these terms, can make changes without notifying users. If you have anything to add for these rules, please contact administration by "Contact us" function.

1. General provisions:
1.1 If You have not read these rules, you are still responsible for their implementation and can get your account blocked, even if you didn't know about it.
1.2 You must unconditionally (non-negotiable) accept all the rules and prohibitions that are listed in the "Terms of use".
1.3 Administration reserves the right to notify you by mail or via personal messages about news related to the site, content or your behavior, as well as you can use the "Contact us" function to discuss with administration about any issues that arise when using the site
1.4 If your account is blocked, the administration can send you an email explaining the reason, but reserves the right not to do it. If you are not agree with this decision, you can always appeal or explain yourself using the "Contact us" form.
1.5 The Administration reserves the right to change the rules without notifying users. New clauses come into force from the moment they are published on the site. The current date of the last changes is indicated in the lower-right corner of this page.

2. Rules for filling out the registration form on the site
2.1 The site has an extended registration, with confirmation of ownership of mail. Enter only real and work email, otherwise you won't be able to add ringtones and participate in the site's life.
2.2 It is Forbidden to enter a Name that uses: the site address, advertising (including hidden ads), only numbers, obscene words (swearing, abuses). Violation of this clause always leads to the complete deletion of the user's account.
2.3 Use a password with at least 6 characters.
For your safety please don't:
   1) enter simple password (for example, 1234567, qwerty123, etc.).
   2) make it the same as your name.
   3) tell anyone about it.
   4) save in any documents on the desktop.
2.4 Enter only your current and valid E-mail address.
   1) Only after confirmation, you will be able to leave comments and participate in the life of the site.
   2) The password will be sent to it if you need to restore it.
2.5 Entering the security code gives us confirmation that you are not a robot or a machine for harming the site. Be careful and enter the code only if you are sure it is correct, otherwise update the security code.
2.6 Do not use offensive materials in the user's avatar (for example: images of cruelty, violation of religious, political, nationalistic and other ideological views and beliefs, any obscene phrases, violence in any of its manifestations, any prohibited images that restrict viewing by the "18+"category).
2.7 The avatar size is at least 150x150. Try to build on this image size to avoid loss of quality.

3. The site is strictly prohibited:
3.1 Offensive, aggressive or threatening behavior towards users of the site or the administration.
3.2 Creation of additional accounts (multi-accounts).
3.3 Spam (messages with a large number of words of the same content or advertising of any product, including websites) in all its forms, without exception, whether it is "Messages" or "Comment".
3.4 Special loading of the site using various malicious attacks.
3.5 Deliberate underestimation of the news rating of the administration or users.
3.6 Targeted advertising of a site or organization that is harmful to our portal (competitor, category 18+, etc.)

4. In the comments is strictly prohibited:
4.1 Obscene language in any of its manifestations, nationalism, threats, abuses, etc.
4.2 Advertising other resources: links, images, player, video. (Exceptions: social networks, YouTube).
4.3 Comments that are not related to the ringtones.
4.4 Insulting the identity of the author of the ringtones. 
4.5 Don't capsize!
4.6 Spam, flood, trolling, etc.

5. Penalties for the above points:
5.1 Warning - If your discrepancy is due to accident or carelessness.
5.2 Account blocking (temporary measure) – If you missed a warning or several. The terms of your account is determined by the hotel. They are displayed in the "My profile".
5.3 Deleting your account (permanently) – If you are a malicious violator of the rules and do not understand any warnings or blocking measures, your account will be deleted. You will receive a notification email to your mailbox without explanation.

The site administration reserves the right to delete or edit comments if they do not comply with these rules.
If you have any problems on the site, notice violations or other problems-write to the site administrator or moderators. If you broke the rules and you were lucky enough to escape responsibility, don't worry, we just didn't have time to block you :)

Sincerely, administration 


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