Rules of Conduct

Site Rules

As the General Rule, you may post almost anything you want in the appropriate section of this site.

The exceptions to the General Rule are listed below. These exceptions are based on generally accepted civilized behavior, and should not present an issue for anyone able to stay out of prison.

All users must agree to the Site Rules as a condition of using this site.

1. The profanity filter is disabled and strong language is used on this site. Do not read or use this site unless you are prepared to be offended.

2. This site is intended for adults. You must not read or use this site if you are less than 13 years of age.

3. The timer to edit posts on this site expires 15 minutes after you post.

4. Do not ask the Administrators to delete or edit anything on this site except based on a specific violation of a rule listed below. No exceptions will be granted.

5. With one exception, the Administrators will not disclose any user's IP number or email address unless required by law. The exception is when we catch someone posting as more than one user in violation of the Site Rules, in the event of denial by the user, we have the right to disclose anything we want as proof.

6. The Administrators are entitled to repost or otherwise disclose any PM, email, or other communication sent to them by anyone. If you threaten to sue or otherwise bring the law down on the Administrators, they are entitled to disregard these Site Rules and do whatever the hell they please.

7. You are not allowed to do anything mentioned below on this site:

A. Porn: Never post or link any “not safe for work” or “NSFW” image on this site, especially any pornographic, obscene, fetish, or explicit medical pictures, photos, or other images. Examples include, but are not limited to, any photo showing human genitals, a female nipple, or an animal penis, or any picture where it is obvious an image that would violate this Rule was blacked out or similar. This is a game site, do not post or link pictures here that would not be published in mainstream magazines.

B. Personal Information: Don't post any photo of another person on this site without that person's consent, unless you can also prove that same photo is viewable from another publicly accessible URL. Do not post any RL information about another person on this site, if that information tends to reveal the person's RL name, address, place of employment, social security number, phone number, or similar identifying information, unless you can also prove that same information is viewable from another publicly accessible URL.

C. Physical Violence: Don’t make any express or implied threat of physical violence against anyone on this site. Asking for someone’s address, or offering to give someone your address during an argument, is an implied offer to engage in physical violence with that person. Don’t even go there.

D. Criminal Law: Don’t post instructions on how to build a drug lab, an explosive device, or any other information that if used would result in a crime. Never link to pages containing this type of information.

E. Civil Law: Do not post anything that would violate any NDA, user agreement of any game, or information about how to "hack," "cheat," or “exploit” any game. Do not post anything that violates anyone else’s copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights.

F. Hate Speech: Do not use hate speech or fighting words on this site against any person or class of people.

G. Harmful Items: I've enabled features on this site that aren't enabled on most forum sites, such as the ability to upload files. Do not upload any file that could be harmful to this site or to another person's computer, such as any file containing a virus.

H. Advertising: Do not post advertisements or announcements except as permitted in the Links Directory or Fan Site News and Announcements section. You may link your personal or business website, fan site, or anything else in your signature provided your link doesn’t otherwise violate the Site Rules. All links to gold sellers and other secondary market MMO sites, or to pages with such links, are strictly prohibited on this site.

I. Spam and Harassment: Do not “spam” or make off topic replies in any post on this site if doing that will disrupt or derail any discussion or argument. Occasional off-topic social remarks are permitted, and should be expected in all threads, provided the effect of those remarks doesn’t unduly disrupt or derail the thread. Purposeful derailment of discussions by any method will not be tolerated on this site. Don't make a new thread if there is already an open, reasonably current thread on the same issue. Don't start new complaint threads about the Admin or any Admin decisions when an existing thread is already open on the topic of your complaint. You are allowed to complain about the Admin and Admin decisions on this site, but please only do so in one thread at a time. Use existing threads whenever possible to flame the Admin, don't start multiple threads for this purpose or they will be merged or closed.

J. Trolling: Trolling is defined on this site as “any attempt to be unduly annoying or to violate a Site Rule while technically obeying the Rules." Just because the Site Rules don't use words that specifically prohibit something doesn't mean it’s allowed. Rules cannot be written to describe every possible violation that can ever be committed. Urinating in the coffee maker at work or having sex with a co-worker in your boss's office will get you fired, even though your employee handbook doesn't expressly forbid those things.

K. Multiple Accounts: No person may register more than one account on this site without advance permission from the Administrator. When we catch anyone doing that, we will merge both user accounts into the one with the worst reputation, and will publicly announce that in a post. Next, we will suspend that user for five (5) days for creating multiple accounts in violation of this Rule, with no exceptions.

L. Imposter Posting: You are not allowed to create a false identity for the purpose of posing as another person or misleading others on this site, especially as an employee of SoE or a well known player. The purpose of this rule is to prevent anyone from registering a fake name and assuming the identity of another person for the purpose of harassing that person or his guild.

M. Signatures: Your entire sig must not be larger than 165 pixels high by 600 pixels wide in total, with all graphics and text included. Total graphics in a sig may not exceed 500 Kb.

N. Necroposting: Do not bump or revive old posts on this site.